Monday, May 26, 2014

It's Memorial Day . . .

It's Memorial Day.  When I was a child, Memorial Day always meant getting flowers and planters together for the cemetery's of our families.  We always . . always went to the City Cemetery in Monona to my grandparents graves, my cousin Jane is there also as are her parents.  That was one stop.  We would then continue onto Postville to the cemetery there for my Grandma Sebastian.  In recent years we made stops at Swede Ridge and the cemetery there to leave something on Jer's grave and now to leave flowers or plants on my parents graves.  I also made trips to a small private cemetery in rural McGregor where my ex-husband's family was buried.  Cemetry's are historical places.  If you take the time you can trace some of your family history (especially if it's a small private cemetery like the one in McGregor). 

We always seemed to spend time at the City Cemetery in Monona.  My grandparents were buried in the 'newer' part of the cemetery.  I found classmates that died in Viet Nam, and friends and other family members that brought back memories. 

When I was in high school Memorial Day meant the parade from the high school out to the city cemetery.  AND a slumber party the night before at Pam's house.  It became a tradition while I was in high school.  Believe me it's not easy to march miles after not getting much sleep (or none at all) the night before.  But it's a fun memory.  After the parade it was homeward bound and grilling for lunch and just spending time with my family.  And lots of naps during the day!!!

Memorial Day is a time to honor our heroes.  Especially those that gave their lives to give us the privilege of freedom.  I listened to a song by the Oak Ridge Boys this morning that is all about freedom and the cost of it.  It was very moving for me.  I have lost friends due to the wars that our country has gone through.  Peace is a hard commodity to come by.  And I'm not getting any younger . . . some of my heroes are not military (the majority of them are not military folks).  My mother and father, my grandmothers, my nephew Jer and granddaughters Ruthie and Imogene are some very dear people to me that I can bring to mind on Memorial Day.  I miss all of them! 

I got an invitation from my sister to join her and her family at the campsite (Walnut Bend).  Friday at work I didn't feel real well but thought I was just tired and put my time in and had lunch with my friend Betsy before I came home.  As the afternoon got longer so did the chills and aches and pains!  The flu!  Or something similar to the flu.  You remember the feeling . . . like you're going to die and then afraid that you might!  I considered going to the emergency room but didn't feel well enough to drive that far so toughed it out at home.  Took some back and body pills for some of the pain, slept a lot and finally headed off to bed.  Got up Saturday morning and actually felt a little better.  Not wonderful, but much better.  As the morning progressed (and I got up around 5:00 a.m.) the weak feelings and aches were back.  I called my sister and thanked her for the invitation but thought it best that I just stay here and not give whatever I have to anyone else.  She posted some pictures of their day at Walnut Bend and I'm pretty sure I missed a real great afternoon out in the country!  But I wouldn't have enjoyed it much so guess I was better staying where I'm at.  It's Monday and again I feel better . . . glad I don't have to go to work and can just be lazy and nap when I need to.  I have confidence that by tomorrow morning I'll be able to go to work and feel like a human being again!  Or at least I hope so.

It's been a couple of weeks since my trip to Georgia.  I miss Jim, Mandy, Charlotte & Oliver!  I had such a wonderful time being with them.  It was much too short.  The grands are growing by leaps and bounds.  Their parents are too.  Jim likes his job very much and Mandy is busy getting a client list together for her photography business.  They live in such a beautiful community.  The street they are on is fantastic!  You gotta love the trees and all the flowering plants and landscapes.  It's wonderful.

I wished I had some pictures for this post but can't think of anything that anyone would be interested in.  I'm working on memory books.  Got an order for another dance one and one for a co-workers' grandson (fishing, skateboarding and exploring).  Just finished a couple graduation books (one for a girl and the other for a boy).  My plans are to continue to stockpile my wares and get involved with some of the local craft fairs this fall.  in the meantime if anyone is interested in memory books hopefully they will call and we can put something together for them.  I have Glee & Ron's Hawaii book sitting here with all kinds of ideas but nothing put to paper yet (and they're heading back to Alaska again this coming week).  Sometimes I get the cart ahead of the horse.  I love scrapbooking!  There are some wonderful ideas out there on the web.  I've spent a lot of time looking at other ideas and stealing some that I really like for my own!!!  One of these days I'm going to take some pictures of my works and publish them on facebook.  That should be a hoot!  And with that idea I better get at it.  Maybe I can get the dance book all together today yet!

Memorial Day . . . a time to reflect on our past and those that have left us.  God Bless them all.

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